Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday, and I’m now 26! This sounds, looks, and feels very strange to me. Life is going by too fast. On behalf of me turning 26 years old, I figured I’d share 26 facts about myself. If we have anything in common, share with me ♥️ Enjoy!

1. I’m the oldest of 4 siblings
2. My parents are divorced, but I have multiple dads that love me, and I’m so grateful for that
3. Jesus is my absolute favorite person ever!
4. My favorite color is blue
5. But to be totally honest about #4, my favorite colors are becoming gold and black 😁
6. I love planning events
7. I looooooove Red Bull
8. Sushi is everything
9. I enjoy writing calligraphy
10. If you let me, I’ll spend all my money at Target, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby
11. My husband and I would like to have 5 kids (if we’re financially stable. We want to be smart about it)
12. We’d like to adopt as well…. Can you say 21 kids and counting? 😅
11. I hate doing the dishes
12. I am capable of spending 24 hours just watching movies ♥️
13. I am NOT a morning person
14. Coffee is amazing!
15. Caffeine does nothing to me. I drink it cuz it tastes good 😋
16. I want to go Everywhere!!!
17. My family is part Italian
18. I was born in Cambridge, MA.
19. I wish I still lived in Massachusetts
20. My husband and I crack on each other
21. I love going to theme parks!!!!
22. Mostly because I love roller coasters 😏
23. I’m obsessed with anything Disney
24. I wish I were British because of their accents 😍
25. Soccer and Football are my favorite sports – Yes I’m a New England fan, and no it’s not because of Brady – even though he is the GOAT

Last but not least:


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