About Blogger

My name is Thatiany Lisboa. It’s pronounced Tatiani. Where did my parents come up with the spelling? Good question… they don’t know either. I live in South Florida with my husband. We got married on Sept. 5th, 2015. I currently work as a Massage Therapist. My family (including in-laws) all live about 5-10 minutes away from my husband and I, and we love it! Our Family is from Brazil. I was born here, but I did learn Portuguese first. I learned English once I went into Pre-K. I am a Believer. God is my all above everything else, and because of that He has blessed me more than I deserve!

My current obsessions are anything related to traveling (mostly Disney World!), Food, Books, TV Shows or Netflix Series, Movies, this Blog!, and so many other things. I hope we can obsess together, and learn and grow from each other. Please always share your thoughts with me! ♥